Use of iPads within lessons

info-supportPlease can all staff who are making use of iPads with their groups ensure they record the student name against an iPad number. This is to allow tracking of online behaviour as well as ensuring any issues or damage with devices can be followed up. This is potentially a safeguarding issue if we cannot track students.

Timings of the day from Monday 15 May

8.55-9.45am LESSON 1
9.50am-10.40am LESSON 2
10.40-10.55am BREAK
10.55-11.45pm LESSON 3
11.50-12.40pm LESSON 4
12.40-1.25pm LUNCH
1.25-1.45am Tutorial
1.45-2.35pm LESSON 5
2.40-3.30pm LESSON 6
3.30pm End of College