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Whitby Library Volunteers

Sue Clough from the Whitby Library is looking for students over 16 or staff to volunteer at the library for a couple of hours a week. She is particularly interested in anyone who could offer to manage their G mail account.

If you are interested contact Sue on 820474 for more information.

Timings of the day from Monday 15 May

8.55-9.45am LESSON 1
9.50am-10.40am LESSON 2
10.40-10.55am BREAK
10.55-11.45pm LESSON 3
11.50-12.40pm LESSON 4
12.40-1.25pm LUNCH
1.25-1.45am Tutorial
1.45-2.35pm LESSON 5
2.40-3.30pm LESSON 6
3.30pm End of College